Peak Performance! – Terms & Conditions

Peak Performance! is a bi-monthly show created to educate and inspire the consumer and your agreement to be part of any show is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The organizers have accepted your request to appear on the show and asked you to fill in the application and make payment.
  2. Any applications filled in and payments made without the organizers request may be refused on the grounds of not being suitable for the show.
  3. Charity Celebrity Showcase applications should also be filled in although no payment is required.
  4. Your interview will be professionally edited and the final edit is at the discretion of the organizers.
  5. Your interview will feature on one of our shows and its placement will be made by the producer of each show.
  6. Qualified Professionals may feature an interview on more than one show but not in the same annual quarter.
  7. All interviewees need to supply a high resolution head shot and bio and agree that the organizers can use this for promotional purposes.
  8. All interviewees and sponsors should supply any branding, logos materials etc. that may be used on the final edited show reel.
  9. Prior to your interview Debra K will email you with an initial brief.
  10. Your live interview with Debra K will be scheduled.
  11. Sponsors or their agencies will be able to discuss with the organizers their exact requirements and the organizers with do everything the can to ensure that they are achieved.