Charities and Good Causes

Become one of our Fund Raising Partners!

Charities and Good Causes are the cornerstone of Eco Trail Trekker Global USA events.

We believe that the both corporate organizations and small businesses should consider their social responsibility the same as committed individuals do.

Eco Trail Trekker sports, health & wellness events are a key ingredient to a happy and more fulfilled lifestyle.

If you run a non profit or are a leader of a good cause that require additional funding there is no better way than getting your supporters and their contacts involved in the event challenges.

All participants of our challenges that support your charity or good cause enable you to receive 50% of their registration fee as a donation from Eco Trail Trekker

There is absolutely no cost to you only a commitment
to promote the event to your data base and social media channels.

We will support you with promotional art work.
The more participants that enter the more we can donate to you!!

Your logo will feature on our website with a link and also on