Organize well planned events designed to engage the body and mind providing a challenge for everyone and raising funds for charities and good causes.


The event features TEAM, FAMILY and INDIVIDUAL 5k and 10k challenges in the early morning in conjunction with a Sports, Health & Wellness Expo concluding around 4:00pm

Teams of 4 start together, stay together and finish together

Individuals can also participate and we also have a 2k Family Fun Walk.

The organizers donate 50% of all the participants entrance fees to charities or a good cause chosen by the participants.


Walk, Trek, Jog, Run!

We don’t care as long as you have Fun!


  • Eco Trail Trekker Global USA events enable us to support charities and good causes locally and in the wider community and rewards us with a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally
  • The Sports, Health & Wellness Expo enables us to meet new vendors and discover the latest innovations and services being offered to improve our wellbeing aspirations
  • Our Challenges aim to Inspire us to participate with our friends, work colleagues and family and support the community

 Mission Statement

 Our Eco Trail Trekker Guiding Principles:

    1. Safety – The safety of our participants, trail makers and visitors is our
 number one consideration
    2. Courtesy – We aspire to create the friendliest events on the planet
    3. Promoting Good Health & Wellness – Encouraging communities to dial up their physical and mental health and wellness aspirations
    4. Corporate Social Responsibility– By donating a minimum of 50% of the net entry fees from our participants to charities and good causes
    5. Eco Friendly – We will endeavor to connect with and support eco-friendly charities, businesses and good causes
    6. Efficiency– We will improve event by event
    7. Creating Win-Win-Win-Win Partnerships– with sponsors, vendors, participants and visitors.
    8. Leveraging Technology– to develop the success of our Eco Trail Trekker Global USA